very brilliant life Changing quotes

very brilliant life Changing quotes

. The ignorant blame the sky and the others, the incompetent sighs, and the weak Confucian gives up.

The wise man uses the supreme mind and hands to open up his own unique sky and build the stage of life.
Time is a thief. He came silently and suffered heavy losses after he left, and so did his chances.
The key to success is to believe that you have the ability to succeed.

Human shortcomings are like weeds in the garden. If they are not cleaned up in time, they will soon occupy the entire garden.

Dripping water through rocks is not relying on strength, but because of reluctance to give up day and night.

People who believe in their own abilities can do anything.
The secret of getting things done well is action. The road to success is to act after organised thinking! action! action!

The greatest enemy in life is yourself; the greatest failure in life is arrogance; the greatest stupidity in life is deception; the greatest tragedy in life is jealousy; the greatest mistake in life is inferiority; the greatest humiliation in life is flattery; the greatest danger in life is Greed; life’s greatest bankruptcy is despair; life’s greatest debt is emotional debt; life’s greatest wealth is health; life’s greatest happiness is contentment; life’s greatest comfort is generosity; life’s greatest gift is forgiveness; life’s greatest regret is Missed; the biggest trouble in life is to fight for fame and gain; the biggest sin in life is self-deception.

Thank the person who hurt you, because he has tempered your mind; thank the person who deceived you, because he has increased your wisdom; thank the person who hurt you, because he has strengthened your personality; thank the person who beat you, Because he inspires your fighting spirit; thanks to those who abandon you, because he teaches you to be independent; thanks to those who trip you, because he strengthens your ability; thanks to those who scold you, because he reminds you of Disadvantages. With a grateful heart, be grateful to all who make you grow!

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